Audio-Visual Instructions

The Library has several options for using audio-visual components in the Fogelberg Area meeting rooms.  Because the Fogelberg Area is a space where three individual rooms (labeled Fogelberg A, B and C) can be combined, how the rooms are combined impacts the technology available to users.

Individual rooms have a wall-mounted monitor which is connected to with an HDMI cable.  In-room audio from the monitor connection is available as well. Instructions on how to use these components, depending on which space you are in, are linked below:

Fogelberg A in combination with other rooms provides a larger drop-down screen and ceiling-mounted projector, in-room audio and a connection for a single wired microphone.  Instructions on how to use these components are linked below:

Fogelberg B and C can be used as a combined space but only provide access to the wall-mounted monitor and in-room audio in one room (either Fogelberg B or C).

Equipment Provided
The Library provides 10-foot HDMI cables and one 10-foot wired microphone upon request.  Please note that the microphone is only usable for Fogelberg A in combination with other rooms.  You can obtain this equipment when checking into your meeting room at the Circulation Desk.