Library of Things

The Burlington Public Library is excited to offer a diverse collection of non-traditional materials through our Library of Things.  A sample of our offerings include Roku sticks with streaming services and movies pre-loaded (Netflix, Disney+, and HBO Max), American Girl Doll kits, board games, and much more! 

All items in our Library of Things can be placed on hold and check out for one week with no renewals.  When they're returned, please give us a couple of days to check the contents before they're checked in.  Don't worry, you won't be charged any late fees--especially since the library is Fine Free as of 2019!

If you have any suggestions for items we may add, please email

  1. Children's
  2. Games
  3. Miscellaneous
  4. Tech
  • American Girl Doll kits - Over 15 different American Girl dolls throughout American history; even some from popular fiction such as Star Wars and Harry Potter!  Each doll comes with an assortment of clothing for costume changes. (replacement fees vary)
  • Botley 2.0 Coding Robot - Botley helps your child learn early STEM skills while playing and having fun. He teaches kids to code with active, screen-free play that's perfect for promoting critical thinking and problem-solving skills. ($85 replacement fee)
  • Bug Kit - Includes a bug book, magnifying glass, bug x-rays, and various specimens in resin. ($120 replacement fee)
  • Magnetic Blocks Race Track - 2 battery powered race cars and over 100 magnetic blocks and race tracks. ($45 replacement fee)
  • Plugo Tablet Games - Educational games children can play on tablets to teach them math, reading, and music skills. Works on iOS, Android, and some Fire devices ($100 replacement fee)
  • Ruko Robot - Control a robot to move, dance and sing by your phone or a remote control. ($150 replacement fee)
  • Tacto Dino - Educational game children can play on tablets to teach them about dinosaurs. Works on iOS, Android, and some Fire devices. ($100 replacement fee)