Great Decisions & Current Events

Great Decisions

Great Decisions & Current Events

at the Burlington Public Library 

Tuesdays 10:30am to 12pm

January 10 to April 4

Great Decisions & Current Events is a 12 part discussion series beginning January 10 and ending April 4.  The first 4 weeks will focus on current events and the next 8 will focus on American foreign policy.  The discussion will be led by the members of the group. 

Foreign Affairs & Current Events Forum will be held in the library with the option of attending virtually. All registrants have the option of attending each session either remotely or in person. A Zoom link will be sent to all registrants prior to the meeting which can be used if you prefer to attend remotely.

Advance registration is required.  Signing up for one session automatically signs you up for all sessions.

Register ***HERE***

Current Events will be discussed week 1 through week 4.  Attendees are welcome to suggest current events to discuss.

Great Decision topics will follow the topics outlined by the Foreign Policy Association and will be discussed week 5 through week 12.  A book containing background material for each topic is available for purchase  through the Foreign Policy Association website at for $35.   The library will have a copy of the book that can be read in the library.

The discussion topics are listed below:

Jan 10: Current Events

Jan 17: Current Events

Jan 24: Current Events

Jan 31: Current Events

Feb 7: Energy Geopolitics

Feb 14: War Crimes

Feb 21: No Meeting

Feb 28: China and the U.S.  Additional Reading Material About China

March 7: Economic Warfare

March 14: Politics in Latin America

March 21: Global Famine

March 28: Iran at a Crossroads

April 4: Climate Migration